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What moves us?

Most organizations lack rigorous and relevant information about the internal experience of purpose. What is not measured is difficult to manage, which leads to the corporate purpose not being fully experienced by employees.

What are the benefits?

By joining the movement, companies contribute to the creation of an index for the experience of purpose and obtain benchmarking comparisons, best practices and guidelines for improvement.

How do we Measure the Purpose Experience?

Companies Survey their employees with the following three questions. These questions form the Purpose 3D Index that is the result of more than fifteen years of research on measuring purpose.

·        Q1. Management`s behavior is consistent with the purpose/mission of the company.

·        Q2. The purpose/mission of my company is aligned with my personal values.

·        Q3. My colleagues' behavior is consistent with the purpose/mission of the company.

(*) The terms “purpose/mission” can be replaced by any of the following: “purpose”; “purpose and mission”; "mission"; “mission and values”; "mission and vision"; "mission, vision and values"; “purpose and values”.

How does it work?

You can choose between two options:


Option 1: We send you a survey link with the three questions of the 3D Index and you distribute it to your employees.


Option 2 . We send you an implementation guide and you introduce the three questions of the 3D Index in your climate survey (or similar).

Does it have any cost?

There is no cost to companies. Expenses are covered through altruistic donations from foundations, companies and the collaboration of volunteers.

Reunión de negocios
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