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Who is behind the "Measure to Improve" movement?

The Measure to Improve movement arises after more than a decade of research between the DPMC Foundation, Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership and the Management by Missions and Corporate Purpose Chair of the UIC.

La Fundación DPMC tiene por misión “transformar el mundo empresarial a través del propósito”. Aporta una amplia ...

The DPMC Foundation's mission is to “transform the business world through purpose.” It brings extensive experience in promoting the measurement and development of purpose having worked with more than 200 companies of different nationalities, sizes and sectors.

Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership es una Fundación empresarial impulsada e integrada por ...

Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership is a business Foundation promoted by 26 large Spanish companies (representing 47% of the IBEX 35 by market capitalization) and Latin American companies. By collaborating together, companies, business schools and consulting firms, the center seeks to professionalize the strategic management of intangible assets such as organisational reputation, communication, brand or sustainability, among others.


The Management by Missions and Corporate Purpose chair is the result of collaboration in the academic and research fields of the DPMC Foundation and the International University of Catalonia. It provides rigor and scientific validation throughout the process of measurement, verification and data collection.

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