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Measure to improve is a movement that aims to create an index for measuring the Corporate Purpose Experience in a global, standardized and collaborative way. As a result of this spirit, the movement is being developed in collaboration with non-profit organizations that share its goals.


Non-profit entities and organizations that wish to collaborate with the goals of the Movement may become Collaborators of the Movement. Specifically under this criterion are Foundations, Associations, Professional Associations, Business Associations, NGOs, Chambers of Commerce, Chairs, Groups, Institutes and Research Centers (affiliated to Foundations or Associations), Other Movements.


Partners commit themselves to support the Movement and its objectives and, within their means, to contribute to its diffusion by inviting their associated companies to join the Movement. The partnership commitment is for one year, renewable annually. 

Formalization of the partnership

The organizations formalize their affiliation to the Movement as collaborators through the following link:


Publication of the collaboration on the website

The collaboration will be published on the website of the Movement in the section Promoters/Collaborators with the name of the organization and a link to its website. 

Besides, the registration form for companies will include an option for those who join to indicate that they do so "at the invitation" of collaborator "xxx". 

Activities organized by the partner in collaboration with the movement

We offer our collaborators two activities to include in their events with companies:

- Presentation of the Purpose 3D Index: methodology, benefits and implementation guide (approx. 30 min).

- Presentation of the 3D Index results (approx. 45 min). Report on the results obtained in the group of companies that participated at the invitation of the collaborator. 

Financial compensation

Collaboration with the Movement does not involve any form of compensation on either side. 


Measure to Improve is a movement open to any company that meets the above requirements. Consequently, there is no territorial, sectoral or any other type of exclusivity.

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