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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The Measure to Improve movement aims to promote the measurement of Purpose Experience in companies through the 3D Index. This index measures, through employee surveys, the identification of individuals with the purpose and the consistency of executives and employees with it.

For this measurement to be effective and truly aimed at measuring for improvement, it must be developed in an environment of trust, confidentiality, and anonymity. To achieve this goal, employees must be able to participate in the measurement of purpose freely, without fear that their opinions will be used against them, in a safe and reliable environment. Likewise, companies that join the movement must be able to share their data with the movement in the same climate of trust, confidentiality, and anonymity that they guarantee to their employees, being assured that the information they share cannot be used for purposes other than those of measuring for improvement, for which the measurement is conducted.

To ensure this environment of trust and data protection for companies, the movement has formulated this policy, which includes the following commitments:

  1. Non-disclosure of the names of participating companies: Following our privacy policy, no public communication or disclosure of the names of companies participating in the movement will be made. Similarly, no public lists of participating companies will be created. The information that will be disseminated on the web will be, in aggregate form and without including specific company names, as follows: number of participating companies (not the names), number of sectors, number of countries, and total number of employees of the participating companies.

  2. Assignment of anonymous identifiers: Each company is assigned a unique and anonymous identifier that is used instead of its name throughout the data collection process, information analysis, and report generation (without any identifier that can link the data to the company name). Neither the company name nor the names of the employees participating in the survey will appear in the data collection.

  3. Confidentiality of identifiers: The relationship between the company and the code is considered confidential information and is stored on servers different from those containing raw data, with highly restricted access protocols.

  4. Restricted access to raw data: Only a select group of authorized individuals have access to the raw data. This access is strictly controlled and logged to ensure traceability.

  5. Secure data storage: All collected data is stored on secure servers at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, with highly rigorous security protocols (the same used, for example, in clinical studies).

  6. Use of data in aggregated form: The collected data will be used exclusively to obtain benchmarking comparisons in aggregated form by sector, geography, and company size, and for academic research purposes to identify trends and best practices in the development of purpose. This allows for the identification of trends and patterns without revealing sensitive information of any particular company.

  7. Limited disclosure of results: Reports produced by the movement will always use data grouped by geography, sector, and size, with a minimum of TEN companies in each group, ensuring that individual companies cannot be identified.

  8. Security audits: Regular security audits are conducted to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with established protocols.

  9. Security training: All individuals involved in data collection and analysis receive data security training to understand the importance of preserving the anonymity of companies and how to comply with established protocols.

Data Controller: Fundación DPMC, Ronda General Mitre 145. 08022 Barcelona / CIF G02633683

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