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Measure purpose to Improve the world

Updated: May 28

The Measure to Improve movement is about more than individual growth. We measure purpose to make the world better. We pursue ongoing improvement in how we experience purpose as individuals and groups, and we spread our insights to the business community.

How do we measure the experience of purpose?

We have a "shared language". We evaluate the experience of purpose with three questions that give a 360º analysis and are based on more than fifteen years of research. In climate surveys (or in specific surveys), we measure the experience of purpose by asking employees:

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

Q1. Management`s behavior is consistent with the purpose/mission of the company.

Q2. The purpose/mission of my company is aligned with my personal values.

Q3. My colleagues' behavior is consistent with the purpose/mission of the company.

(*) The terms “purpose/mission” can be replaced by any of the following: “purpose”; “purpose and mission”; "mission"; “mission and values”; "mission and vision"; "mission, vision and values"; “purpose and values”.

To answer, employees have five options: "(5) strongly agree, (4) agree, (3) neither agree nor disagree, (2) disagree and (1) strongly disagree".

How do we identify improvements?

We use an algorithm that takes the employee responses and looks at the 125 possible combinations to create what we call the Purpose Experience Map. The algorithm adjusts to the maturity level of the organization by focusing on areas where improvement is possible (see Figure 1). The idea of the Measure to Improve movement is like that of golf. Each company has its own "handicap" (the maturity level of its purpose), but no matter what level, everyone can improve to be better.

Figure 1. Sample of a distribution company's Purpose Experience Map. The algorithm treats the first two response options (4) strongly agree and (5) agree as "desirable" (category "Fully connected") and then finds 5 improvement categories.

How do we define improvement action plans?

Using Purpose Experience Map by segment (countries, divisions, departments, areas...), we can get a better assessment that lets us create more tailored and efficient improvement plans. As we said before, this applies to all segments. Each country, division, or department may have a different level of maturity, but the main thing is that they all aim for improvement. 

Along with the Purpose Experience Map, we also learn from each other and grow together by sharing the benchmarking comparisons, success stories and best practices among members of the movement. Our goal is not only to move forward on our own, but also to help each other and collectively "measure to improve" the business world through purpose.

Join the Measure to Improve movement to create a society with a greater sense of purpose. 

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